Agency Structure

Agency Structure & Organization

The Rainbow Project currently has fifteen full & part-time staff. This includes an Executive Director, Clinical Manager, Referrals & Community Programs Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, Administrative Manager, Administrative Assistant and Adult & Family Therapists, Child & Adult Family Therapists, Child & Family Therapists. The Rainbow Project is also overseen by a Board of Directors made up of dedicated & experienced individuals from the Madison community. Our current Board of Directors consists of:
Sharyl Kato
Shira Phelps
Charles Tubbs, SR.
Erin Arango-Escalante
Sandra Rivera
Rebecca Rapp
Matt Harlowe
Dr. Ryan Herringa

All clinical staff have masters degrees in social work, educational psychology, counseling psychology, or a related discipline. All clinical staff are also licensed clinical social workers or professional counselors, or are on the path to becoming licensed. Throughout the academic year, the Rainbow Project also hosts three clinical interns- a graduate psychology student, a Mendota Mental Health intern and a Resident from the University of Wisconsin's Child Psychiatry program. These interns are supervised by licensed Rainbow Project therapists during their time here. 

In addition to working directly with children & families, Rainbow Project staff are also actively involved in various local and state-wide committees, task forces and collaborative efforts. Some of which include:

  • Children of Violent Homes Project
  • Dane County Commission on Sensitive Crimes
  • Dane County's Child Abuse & Neglect Coordinated Community Response Task Force
  • Dane County's Children, Youth & Families Consortium
  • Dane County's Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response Task Force
  • Consultation, On-Site Observations, Resources, Educational Presentations (CORE- City of Madison)
  • Five Agency Cooperative Effort (FACE) 
  • Rotary Club
  • Trauma-Informed Community Advisory Council
  • United Way of Dane County committees & groups