Eligibility of Services

Receiving Services at Rainbow

Children eligible for Rainbow Project services meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The child is under the age of 11
  • There are concerns due to social/emotional development and behavior
  • Victim of child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse
  • Witness to domestic and/or community violence
  • The child/family is identified as "at risk"- coming from families where stress factors in the home environment indicate there is high potential for abuse, neglect or domestic violence to occur (i.e. presence of alcohol/drug abuse, family history of abuse, neglect or domestic violence; financial crisis; unemployment; mental or physical illness; separation of parent and child; divorce; death in the family, etc)
  • A need to strengthen the relationship between the child and their primary caregiver/s when attachment impacts the child and family's functioning


Insurance Coverage & Payment for Services

The Rainbow Project will never turn away a family that does not have insurance or cannot pay for services. We believe that everyone should be given the care they need regardless of their current socio-economic standing and will therefore use alternate funding sources to cover those families' costs for services.  

The Rainbow Project is currently able to accept BadgerCare (Title 19), BadgerCare-GHC, BadgerCare-Dean, Group Health Cooperative, Dean Health Care, and Physicians Plus. To inquire about other insurance plans, please contact our Referral & Community Programs Coordinator.  A referral and/or prior authorization from your insurance company may be required to be seen at the Rainbow Project. Deductibles and co-pays may also be issued by your insurance company depending on your plan.

The Rainbow Project uses a sliding fee scale for those who do not have insurance and for those who have insurance that does not cover services at the Rainbow Project. Inquire about payment & insurance options when connecting with our Referral & Community Programs Coordinator. 


How to Refer a Child to Us

Children and families are referred to the Rainbow Project from a variety of sources, including self-referrals, day care centers, schools, the court system, hospitals, law enforcement, Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, mental health specialists, alcohol/drug abuse treatment programs, Dane County Department of Human Services, legal advocates, the District Attorney's Office, and other community organizations. 

To make a referral for a child/family, please contact the Referral & Community Programs Coordinator during normal business hours (9:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday):
608-255-7356, extension 316

The Rainbow Project strives to link people in need with the most appropriate services possible. This may mean that Rainbow staff will refer individuals to another agency for treatment if factors such as location, age of child, length of waiting list and insurance coverage could impact the proper and timely delivery of services here at Rainbow.