Overall Treatment Programs

The Rainbow Project team includes staff, volunteers and interns providing one or more of the following:

-Comprehensive assessment of family members and parent-child interaction

-Individualized treatment for children and parents, focusing on social-emotional development and behavior changes within the family system

-Child / adult support and treatment groups

-In-home treatment, combined with individual, family and group treatment at Rainbow Project's clinic

-Field sessions in daycare or school programs and foster homes to help children through transitions, support successful integration of children into new settings 

-Parent education in individual and group sessions to help parents learn positive child management skills, provide child development information and improve the parent-child relationship

-Advocacy, referral and interagency coordination for families served

-Twenty-four hour telephone crisis response for enrolled families on an as-needed basis

-Follow-up and evaluation services for past clients

Prevention Program

Our prevention program occurs on-site consultation in a community setting (daycare, school, hospital programs, foster/adoptive homes, etc.), and we use interagency coordination to promote awareness and education.

We offer professional trainings on a variety of topics in the following areas:

-Parent education and staff training 

-How to identify children / families who are "at risk:

-Parent-staff relationships in daycare and school programs

-Individual differences and classroom planning

-The Rainbow Project, Inc. model

-Organizational structure and process for non-profit and human service agencies

Each presentation may include video, PowerPoint, role-play and other demonstrations, as well as printed materials, resources and references.

Speakers Bureau

The Rainbow Project staff provides training, workshops, and consultation to child care providers, teachers of young children, foster parents, social workers, parent aides, pediatric nurses, law enforcement and juvenile court officers and other mental health providers serving young children and families.

Each presentation may include video, PowerPoint, role-play, and activities, as well as handout materials, resources and references.

To schedule The Rainbow Project to provide a training for your group, please contact the Referral & Community Programs Coordinator at (608) 255-7356, extension 316.

At that time, also ask about current fees for trainings. We generally require 4-8 weeks advance notice.  Trainings are generally provided in Dane County, Wisconsin. Staff are able to travel outside of that area, however, transportation fees then apply.

Click here for a listing of In-Service, Workshop and Consultation Topics offered by The Rainbow Project, Inc.


Early Intervention/Treatment Program

Primary Rainbow Project program that includes a comprehensive, individualized service model which provides some of the following:




-Interagency Coordination

-Play Therapy

-Parent Education

-Individual Therapy

-Family Therapy

-In-Home Services

-Consultation in Daycare, Schools & Foster Homes

For more information, or to make a referral, contact The Rainbow Project

Referral & Community Programs Coordinator at (608) 255-7356, extension 316.

Children of Violent Homes

In collaboration with the following agencies, The Rainbow Project provides services, across ages and needs, for children and youth who have witnessed domestic violence:

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

Family Service Madison

Briarpatch Youth Services



Rainbow Rapid Response Team

This special team provides immediate response and support for children and families involved in community violence and/or trauma crisis situations. RRRT provides first response services, including crisis support, trauma screening, referral, and follow-up to ensure stabilization for children and families. The team also provides trauma-focused training presentations to help raise awareness and understanding in the community of best practice responses to trauma.

Yo Soy, Yo Soy Unica

The Yo Soy, Yo Soy Unica program is a series of 8-10 workshops for Latina girls and their caregivers (mothers, grandmothers, or guardians).

The focus is on assisting caregivers in supporting their daughters.

Topics include the following:



-Strengthening Healthy Relationships

-Handling Feelings

-Stress Management



-Reinforcing Strengths

De Mujer a Mujer

De Mujer a Mujer is a weekly support and education group for Latina women, with focus on promoting family and personal enhancement for participants dealing with depression, anxiety and relationship challenges.

Childcare is provided during the sessions.

For more information about the group, contact The Rainbow Project Referral & Community Programs Coordinator at (608) 255-7356, extension 316.


The Consultation, Observation, Resources & Education (CORE) Program includes Rainbow Project therapists partnering with early childhood educators, child care providers, and elementary school teachers, offering in-depth training, support, and consultation for Dane County daycare centers and selected Madison Metropolitan School District elementary schools.

In addition to onsite training for providers and caregivers, the CORE Program provides observation of classrooms and specific children, as well as consultation to address behavioral challenges.

The CORE Program is supported by the City of Madison and United Way of Dane County.

All CORE services are provided at no cost to childcare providers.          

Possible Consultation Topics:

-Discipline vs. Punishment

-Understanding the impact of stress on family dynamics and parenting

-How children use play to address trauma

-Infant and early childhood socio-emotional development: attachment, bonding, and individuation

-Developing an affective curriculum: self-concept and self-esteem in early childhood

-Stages of normal sexual development and protective behaviors for the young child

-Meeting the challenges of family violence: how to help children and families

-Promoting individual differences and positive ethnic awareness in young children

-Defining and redefining the childcare worker's professional role

-Establishing positive relationships with parents

Please contact the Referral & Community Programs Coordinator for more information about the CORE Program at (608) 255-7356, extension 316.

Click here for our CORE Program brochure.

CORE: City of Madison

Rainbow Project therapists partner with early childhood educators and child care providers to provide in-depth training, support, and consultation for selected City of Madison certified daycare centers.  The purpose of this program is to help prevent future, more serious problems from occurring with the children and families they serve.

Click here for our CORE Program brochure.


Coach's Corner: Emotion Coaching

This is a ten-week long group for parents where they can share their experiences and learn how to understand and coach their child's emotions. Each week participants learn skills to help make sense of their child's feelings and behaviors.  Dinner and professional childcare are provided (RSVP required).

Contact group facilitator, Serena Breining, at or 608-255-7356 ext. 324

Project FACE-Kids Groups for Children & Youth

This is a multi-agency collaboration for children and youth in Dane County. The Rainbow Project's SASSAFRAS Girls group & HIGH FIVE boys group (8-week group series) focus on the following:

-Building positive social skills


-Anger & Stress management

-Problem solving skills

-Affective development

School-age parent groups are held in the community, schools, childcare settings, and at The Rainbow Project clinic.


FACE-Kids helps strengthen and improve individual and family life by offering the opportunity to be part of a supportive group with others in a similar situation.

FACE-Kids provides quality mental health group counseling services for children who are in need of outpatient supportive group counseling.

FACE-Kids is a cooperative effort between several non-profit community mental health agencies in Dane County.

Project FACE-Kids community partner agencies:

Catholic Charities

Children's Service Society of Wisconsin

Family Service Madison

Journey Mental Health Center

Lutheran Social Services

Grandparents & Other Relatives as Parents

The Grandparents and Other Relatives as Parents program provides the following:

  • Monthly support and education group
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Child development and management resources

Contact Serena Breining, Group Facilitator, at 608-255-7356 ext. 324 for more information. 

Safe Step

Safe Step is a collaboration to provide timely trauma assessment and support for a child and non-abusing caregivers following a Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center forensic interview due to allegations of child abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect, or domestic violence.

The Safe Step program collaborative includes the following agencies:

Canopy Center's Oasis Program

Family Service Madison

Journey Mental Health Center

The Rainbow Project, Inc.

Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center

Click here to download the Safe Step Program brochure.