The Rainbow Project receives an Astounding $195,000 from UW Humorology

This past weekend Rainbow Project staff got to experience the spectacular talent and hard work of the University of Wisconsin’s Humorology student organization in their annual variety show on April 8th. Humorology is the oldest and largest student organization at the University of Wisconsin with over 600 students spending the majority of the academic year writing, composing, choreographing, directing and acting in original short musical comedies. Each cast competes with one another to raise the most money for the philanthropic partner chosen that year. The seven final casts featured in the showcase this past weekend were truly amazing to watch. The energy, drive and dedication of all the students involved both inspires and humbles all of us here at the Rainbow Project. The generosity and goodwill shown by these young and fierce individuals makes the work we do even more rewarding. We cannot thank them all enough. The Rainbow Project is incredibly proud and thankful for the opportunity to partner with UW Humorology over this past year. We can’t wait to see what they do next year!