Welcome to the Rainbow Project

Over 6,000 children are abused or neglected each year in Dane County alone.

The Rainbow Project's mission is to provide restorative healing and hope for young children and their families who have experienced trauma, building a foundation for the mastery of life-sustaining skills.


 We are a child and family counseling / resource clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. We believe that every child deserves a rainbow, especially those who have weathered more than their share of storms.

We work with young children and their families who have experienced various forms of abuse, neglect, community violence, and domestic violence. 



Our Services

Latina Support & Education

Emotion Coaching

Rainbow Rapid Response

Education & Consultation

Adult Counseling

Child Therapy

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“The Rainbow Project is a very special community resource. I appreciate their level of commitment, initiative, and services.”

A Thankful Physician

“I truly feel that my daughter [age 6] has had a generational burden lifted off her shoulders. My past unhappiness does not have to visit her.”

A Grateful Parent

“The therapists at The Rainbow Project have been essential to us as an ongoing, professional resource. They have supported our teachers through in-service education, classroom observation, and consultation for specific children… It has had a profound effect on our entire center…if creating a better future is truly what society wants, I can say with great respect that The Rainbow Project is the agency for this mission.”

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